The first time I sat in Dana's kundalini yoga class, I knew she was a special soul capable of providing guidance and compassion. I was proven right when I started to meet with her one-on-one. It's hard to fully describe what her combination of listening, advising, and healing can do. I'm in the midst of my own journey that has taken surprising turns, but I can already see how much Dana's perspective and tools have brought me ease in difficult moments, and enhanced my ability to see the world with more hope and love. I leave Dana's presence feeling stronger, more at peace, and more purposeful than when I started. She takes care to check on her clients after the sessions and put thought into the mantras and tools she suggests. I am very grateful for her. I'd recommend anyone seek her out if they are curious to take their own introspection and growth to the next level. Her healings are like the best massages for the soul!

My wife & I have been married for 17 yrs. & it has been a journey of ups & downs. Unlike most families today, we married young. She was 19 & I was 23. We were just kids, but we were in love & we were best friends. The first 6 yrs. of our marriage was wonderful; of course we did have our occasional differences every relationship goes thru, but we always managed to agree to disagree, respecting each other’s opinions, feelings & thoughts. We were both fortunate to establish our careers early & purchased our 1st home. We were living the dream. Shortly after, we learned that we were expecting our 1st child; a beautiful daughter. We welcomed this addition to our family with love & thankfulness, but at the same time we were scared silly. We knew we always wanted a family, but this was completely foreign to us. For the first 6 yrs. of our marriage we only had to worry about the two of us. Now here we were, solely responsible for the care & well being of this little baby. Fast forward 1 ½ yrs. & we were once again blessed with another beautiful daughter. Life was moving along; Baptisms, baby’s 1st steps, birthdays, etc. Life was grand!

All the while, the relationship between my wife & I was slowly drifting apart. It wasn’t because a lack of love for each other, but the everyday grind of life, working & raising a family. We forgot to make time for each other & our relationship. Over the next 11 years, life continued pretty much the same; birthdays, family vacations, school functions & the disconnect between my wife & I. Now, just to be clear, this was a problem that we both recognized early on & we tried numerous times to fix ourselves, but with short lived results & promises to each other. Every time we failed, it pushed us just a little further from center, from unity with one another.
Eventually our disconnect & fighting would impact our 2 daughters. They began to act & feel disconnected & angry. At times it seemed like they were avoiding us, but what they were avoiding was our fighting. This is not what my wife & I had ever planned for our beautiful family. From the outside looking in, we were the ideal family unit. But inside was disconnect & unhappiness. We were slowly loosing ourselves & everything that meant something to us; our love, our happiness & eventually our family.

We needed help, but we were to prideful to seek it. Neither of us had ever needed the help of a therapist/ counselor; a stranger to help solve our problems. Then by the blessing & grace of God, we met Dana. She radiated so much love & light, it was something neither of us had ever experienced from anyone.

In today’s society, everyone is out for themselves. All that matters is the bottom line & if you’re not contributing, you’re out. The family unit has become a thing of the past & divorce/ shared custody has become the norm. This was not an option my wife & I wanted. We owed it to ourselves & to our daughters, that we would set aside our pride & get help from Dana.

Dana would first meet with my wife one on one & listen to her feelings, emotions & thoughts. After their session, my wife was at ease & confident that we could really fix things. She was radiating the same positive aura, love & light as Dana. This change in my wife amazed me & I knew at that moment I had to have my own one on one. A short while later I met with Dana & she helped me to identify all my feelings, emotions & thoughts. (not easy for a man)

Wow, for the first time in 11 yrs., my wife & I were not only on the same page, but experienced a united confidence that we could fix our family.
Following Danas advice, we decided to have a family session; this would give our daughters the opportunity to express what they were feeling & for us to share our feelings. We decided a casual dinner at home could be a great opener to our first family session. Once the dinner turned from “just dinner” to a deep conversation about the girls and family life, it was a complete eye opener for my wife & I because neither of us had realized the toll all the internal disconnect & fighting took on them. It was like they were just waiting for someone other than their parents to talk to them about their feelings. They had only met her once before so we had no idea if they would truly be open to talking to her about such personal issues. Dana was easily able to get them to open up completely & express their deepest feelings, emotions & thoughts. Which is not easy for kids to articulate in front of their own parents. We sat there for hours, talking listening, and hugging. Tears of sadness and anger transformed to tears of love and happiness. Not once did either one of them ask to be excused or showed one inkling of wanting to walk away from the conversation. Our family wanted the change more than we all knew and we were ready and willing to take those necessary steps to move forward on a positive path. Dana’s inner love & light made the kids feel completely at ease. Even thought the session was a very difficult emotional event, it was completely worth the positive impact and direction we are headed to as a family. The next morning the girls were actually in great moods and when we talked a little about the dinner the night before, they just smiled and said, ”That was some dinner!” It was great to see that we all shared the same happy sentiment on the evening.

At the end of our family session, she gave all of us homework that would help us continue our healing, strengthen our family bond & keep our family united. Dana continues to stay in contact & follow our progress. Dana has been a blessing to our family & we love her dearly. Her positive aura, love & light are truly a gift everyone should be so blessed to experience.

J., Lake Forest, CA